Estate Planning

Inheritance tax (IHT) is a tax due on the estate of someone who has died and is currently payable at 40% if the estate is over the current threshold.

Many individuals and families are falling into Inheritance Tax traps as the value of the estate exceeds the current threshold, with many individuals and families being unaware of what these thresholds are.

At Herts FS, we understand Inheritance Tax is of great concern for many of our clients and minimizing the impact of Inheritance Tax is something very important, so the estate can be protected for their families future.

Even though there have been recent changes to the rules, Inheritance Tax is still very complex, and advice is advised and most likely necessary, depending on an individual’s estate size.

With our Estate planning experience and advice, we will investigate existing plans to ensure they are structured properly to be protected from Inheritance Tax where possible, examine how investments and pensions are set up and if they are likely to be liable to Inheritance Tax. If this is the case we will introduce measures where possible that can potentially reduce Inheritance Tax Liability.

Herts FS recognises the importance of estate planning and are always looking at resources and products that can help this area for our clients to ensure their estates are protected as much as possible for their loved ones.

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What is the benefit of Estate Planning?

  • The reassurance of knowing those you care about will be provided for
  • Preservation of wealth rather than paying tax when it can be avoided
  • Avoiding disputes between family members

Ensuring funeral arrangements can be made simple at a difficult time for your family