Buying a property is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. The most important reason to use a broker at Herts Financial for your mortgage is because we have access to the whole of the market. Therefore we can source the very best rate available to you as well as finding a lender that suits your needs.

We believe in keeping our customers for life, from helping you buy your first home to helping your children make their first purchase – we will be with you every step of the way. When choosing a mortgage broker at Herts Financial Services, you are choosing support, not only until the mortgage is offered, we will be there for you until completion helping with any problems that arise throughout the whole house purchasing process.

Need help in Financials, Mortgages or Retirement Planning?

We offer FREE advice on the following mortgage types:

Whether you are moving home or purchasing for the first time, we can source the whole of the market to find you the best rate and lender for your situation. We know which lenders will stretch affordability to enable you to borrow more.

We can also arrange conveyancing and advise on surveys.

Purchasing an investment buy to let property can provide with additional income, and some people see this as their pension.

Changes to taxation on buy-to-let properties and strict criteria for funding can make the process quite complex.

Not only will we explain the process, but we can also help with additional stamp duty surcharges and explain tax implications.

Whether it is your first investment property, or you are an experienced portfolio landlord, Herts Financial can help.

Here at Herts Financial Services, we understand situations change all the time. Let to buy mortgages allow you to put convert your current residential mortgage into an investment property. These are also known as consumer buy to lets.

This can then free you up to other mortgage opportunities.  

Purchasing your first property can be a very overwhelming process. We will walk you through step by step the entire process. We have a guide we have personally made to show you all the stages and things to consider when buying your first home.

At Herts Financial, we will work out your affordability, set a budget, discuss monthly payments and get you a mortgage in principle secured within 24 hours so you are ahead of the competition when you find your dream home.

A lot of people are not aware that if you are not ready to move out and buy a residential home, it is possible to get your first property as an investment buy to let!

Whether you simply want to find a better rate and try and save money, or you want to release further funds from the equity in your house, or simply change the structure of your mortgage, we are here to help and show you all the options available to you!

With the incredibly fast way of life we now face, a holiday home by the coast may be exactly what you need. We can look at different options and rates in order to purchase a second property from the whole of the market.

Herts Financial Services can also look at options in releasing money from your main residence in order to purchase a little slice of luxury.

A bridging loan is useful if you need to borrow money over a shorter period. It is known as a loan that ‘bridges the gap’ if you want to buy a new property before selling an old one.

Bridging loans can also be use to purchase properties at auction.

Herts Financial Services can source you fantastic rates on these types of loans and advise you if they are right for your circumstances. Bridging loans can help you from missing out on your dream property.

Commercial mortgages are investment mortgages.

Herts Financial Services will assess whether a commercial mortgage is the correct route for you to achieve your goal and has access to products which are not always available on the high street.

Sub-prime mortgages are mortgages for customers with debt issues and credit impairments.

Through our experts and many years of experience, we have dealt with almost all situations when it comes to mortgages. We understand life can sometimes throw us curveballs and difficult situations, and we have access to lots of lenders who will give mortgages to those who have faced financial difficulties.

We can access products that are not always available directly on the high street as this is seen as a specialist market.

We ask that whatever your situation, please contact us as so many people think they have no option when they can been in bad financial situations but this is not the case. We can definitely help, if not now we can prepare you for getting a mortgage in the future.

With the increase in property prices, especially as first time buyers, we are not always able to afford the property we would like on a standard mortgage.

That is why, here at Herts Financial Services, we specialise in the different schemes available to help clients to be able to get on the property ladder.

Sometimes these schemes can be difficult to understand but we are help to explain how each scheme works and whether it is suitable for you.

Just because you are not based permanently in the UK does not mean you cannot invest in a property here, which is an amazing opportunity.

Not only do we deal with residential ex pat mortgages, we also can source you a buy to let expat mortgage from the whole of the market.

Our team can source mortgages for ex pats both coming back to the UK and remaining in their host country. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries and think this could be an opportunity you could be interested in.

Herts Financial Services offer second charge mortgages as a way to raise finance where it is not available on the existing mortgage.

It is exactly what it says in its name; a second loan on your property. Many of our customers are not aware these exist but we can advise if they are right for you and raise funds for many different causes through these types of mortgages.